Apex Roleplay

Apex-Roleplay is a non-profit, Semi-Serious Half-Life 2 and Black-Mesa Roleplay community.

- 09/09/2017 | (Gamebreaking bug patch) - Patch 21 -​
  • Fixed massive exploit with Advanced Duplicator (players could spawn any entity) for once and all.
  • Fixed physics crashes.
  • Added third-person crosshair.
  • Added citizen animations.
  • Added JW hud for CPs.
  • Added family sharing ban system.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hi, I'll be streaming some of my development on the gamemode live at our YouTube channel.

Feel free to join and see what I'm working. Don't expect me to interact at all because I am going to focus on development.
Please remember it's all work in progress. (also if I'm staying still in-game it means I have tabbed out and I am programming something.)

I might do more of these streams if you are interested turn on notifications for our channel.