Apex Roleplay

Apex-Roleplay is a non-profit, Semi-Serious Half-Life 2 and Black-Mesa Roleplay community.

- 28/07/2017 | (Scanner update) - Patch 19 -​
  • Added scanner imaging.
  • Added chat command /photocache to view previous images from the scanner.
  • Fixed an issue where scannes could be picked up via physgun.
Thank you.
- 27/07/2017 | (Animation update) - Patch 18 -​
  • Added new animations from Half Life 2 to CCA and OW.
  • Changed walking speed to 100.
Thank you.
- 25/07/2017 | (Vort update) - Patch 17 -​
  • Added vortiguant shackle on arrest.
  • Added vortigaunt call system. You must be un-shackled to use. /vortcall
  • Added laval extract as a buyable item for free vorts. It emits a glow around nearby players and the effects last 10 minutes.
  • Added shotgun for rebels.
  • Changed battering ram, you now have a 38% chance to knock down a door per hit.
  • Changed battering ram, a nice door breaking sound is played when the door breaks.
  • Changed the nightvision system, it has a much shorter range now.
  • Changed many weapons prices to fit the economy and the weapon.
  • Changed armor charger, KING and MACE get more than standard units.
  • Changed XR-4 accuracy. (It's better now)
  • Fixed the breaching charge, only one charge can be placed on a door now.
  • Fixed the AFK system.
  • Fixed the handcuff system spewing errors when a vort is arrested.
  • Fixed an exploit in the voiceline system where any sound could me emitted from the client.
  • Fixed the VIP slots rejecting all non-vip users.
  • Fixed the exploit where people could become KING/MACE and get 160 armor then switch to another division and keep it.
Please note, some of these changed will only take effect after 1:00 PM tonight.

Thank you.