Apex Roleplay

Apex-Roleplay is a non-profit, Semi-Serious Half-Life 2 and Black-Mesa Roleplay community.

We have switched server, the new IP for Half-Life 2 Roleplay if you did not know already:
Type this in the console to join:
connect play.apex-roleplay.com

Here is the rest of the announcement by Vingard taken from steam:


After this switch you can expect much faster, and much more stable servers. Our new server is 100% dedicated. Additionally it has improved DDoS protection and is much, much faster.

All of our services will be moved over to this new dedicated server over time, we will announce when IP's change as always.

Running costs changes

This system is much more powerful than previous systems and subsequently, costs more. Luckily the community has been grateful enough to donate over £604.00 GBP since Feb 2017, and because of this we have a very stable financial situation to pay server costs. Due to the fact Apex developers are voluntary, and that the community is non-profit all money is reinvested over time on server costs, software or hired temporary developers. Massive thanks to the whole community for the incredible support.

Black Mesa

Also, this means server-wise Black Mesa is sorted. :)

Thanks to James for sorting out the dedicated server.
- 30/05/2017 | (Waypoints, New Divison!) - Patch 13 -​
  • Added /waypoint and updated /req (now /request).
  • Fixed CP and OW division NPCS.
  • Added X-RAY division.
  • Removed LOCK division.
Thank you.
- 29/05/2017 | (City 45 Update!) Patch - 12 -​
  • Added new map.
  • Removed zombie spawning in the sewers
  • Added a whole new back-end system, recoded many old systems and added new map config system.
  • Fixed handcuff models.
Thank you.